Excitement is high as we await the 10am Supreme Court announcements of two same-sex marriage cases. I’m anticipating lots of disappointed folks in the LGBTQ community who are seeking a very broad decision that we are unlikely to get. My hope will be that the disappointment can be quickly harnessed and turned towards positive steps forward in the struggle for full equality. I’m hoping the shock of a more narrow ruling reminds people to refocus on other issues like trans rights and basic nondiscrimination in addition to marriage equality.

I think however there will be disappointment that the ruling, whatever it turns out to be is likely to have no impact on same-sex couples in PA. Even a broad ruling would only create complex complications for PA couples.

My hope is, after the rulings are available for reading, we will see plenty of dialogue around what these rulings accomplish and how they shift, if they do, the ongoing efforts for full equality.

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