My Thursday came and went without a ReelQ pick. The life of a blogger.  All the other parts of my life can get in the way of blogging! But as I write about my pick for Friday, I feel entitled to mention two films for Friday. The thing is I really can’t pick one over the other. So my Friday pick is both films. Here’s why.

Free Fall, 9PM @ the Harris Theater

This moving and sexy 2013 German film delves into the far-reaching effects of a passionate love affair between two police cadets.

Right… how could I not pick a film like this? Yes I’m drawn to movies with handsome men in them, but more importantly to me, a movie like this must push the boundaries about power, gender roles, and masculinity. As we begin to see more images of same-sex relationships within arenas such as “police,” we are assuredly seeing a growing mainstream acceptance of and appreciation for the depth of queer relationships.


Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth, 7PM @Harris Theater

This compelling and inspirational 2013 documentary film traces the extraordinary journey of activist, journalist, poet and author Alice Walker from sharecropper’s daughter to winning the Pulitzer Prize for the daring 1982 novel “The Color Purple.”

Of the two films, I am so excited to see this film, and to be honest, if I hadn’t seen the trailer, I probably would be passing it by. What a mistake that would be! As queer people, we so often are unaware of our history and the s/heroes who have come before us, and documentaries like this can open our eyes and inspire us to go forward. I am always looking for new inspirations and individuals who push me to have more courage and be strong in expressing my voice.


For more about this film of the entire Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival, check out their website.

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