There is a big campaign underway and an important election coming up soon.  Yes, yes, I have a few posts for the next week about Pittsburgh, Deb Gross and Bill Peduto, but today, I’m writ9ing about why I voted for Craig Pulsipher and hope you will as well.  Just follow this link and help out the guy, all right?

I shared the link and a Facebook friend ask me why I was supporting Craig. I’ll share that stuff here, but something else happened. Another Facebook friend and I began to text about the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute and the things they are doing to help create tomorrow’s LGBTQ leaders. And then Brian’s name came up. But I’m getting ahead off myself. Yes, this is a post asking you to help young people get to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute, and it is a post about Brian Sims and what thee things have in common. Brian is changing the world, and with your help other young leaders are being prepared to help change the world.

Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute


And this thread started on Facebook:


 I also was more interested in a line or two why you were supporting him. Something like: “He’s a kid I met through _______ and he is bright and _____________”

 LOL. Just wasn’t a name I recognized and as you know I’m a political junkie and know most local names in our community.

Just for you I voted him up. If he’s an ass it’s on your head! :O)

(Me) Oh, I can’t offer anything super insightful. The program is important. Getting young people there is important. Could I have just as easily suggested you vote for someone else? Possibly. But I didn’t. I think Craig is doing the right things to win this, and I want to support that.

And then this other discussion via FB message:

We all got to be there for each other!

Definitely and Thank You. He is a bright and nice guy. Hope he’ll follow in Brian Sims’ footsteps!

And there is was, Brian Sim’s name.

Brian, an out of the closet, smart courageous, and very real guy chose to enter PA State politics and unseat one for PA’s best known progressive, and in the time he has been a representative he has begun to change everything! He is making a real difference; real progress forward. That’s what can happen when an out of the closet person steps up to the challenge and works for what is fair and right for everyone. And clearly he is inspiring others.

Well, his re-election campaign was launched only 2 weeks ago, and I’ll help support him the best that I can and hope he’ll win re-election easily…

We have too many LGB politicians who remain in the closet and believe they are doing enough by sitting in a place of power. Maybe that was enough 20 years ago, but not anymore.

The Victory Institute’s mission is to increase the number of LGBTQ persons into public office and support them in different ways to achieve success. They rare helping to bring more Brian Sims onto the scene.  You can help make that happen! Vote for Craig, or one of the other candidates. This is one pif the few places where simply casting a web vote can make a huge difference.

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