Received an email today about the opportunities posted at Talent City. There are a slew of boards and commissions that operate for the City of Pittsburgh and resumes are being accepted for participation. This is possibly the most significant thing which can happen right now for Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ community, because having all of these boards and commissions opened up creates an opportunity for greater diversity though out the City of Pittsburgh!

I have served on a City-wide board for about a year and a half now, the Citizen’s Police Review Board. Unlike the boards and commissions currently advertised, it functions independently of City government, although I think the experience has some similarities. Having LGBTQ impact upon the City is not only about so-called LGBTQ Rights related stuff. Rather, Pittsburgh will progress and grow when individuals from all sorts of communities across the City come together and work together on the everyday stuff that is all about the life of the City.

If we want the City to be more LGBTQ friendly, that means increasing LGBTQ voices everywhere. Follow this link to Talent City, and consider getting engaged in growing the City of Pittsburgh.

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