The yearly Black and White Reunion, also known as the Summit Against Racism is but a few weeks away, and I wanted to direct everyone to their web site and encourage you to attend. I’ve been to a number of these events, and I always leave the day having learned much and more aware of the critical way racism is still a part of our culture and our city. Please make time in your schedule to attend this important day.

For those within the LGBTQ community and our allies, events like this are especially important because issues of race, gender, and sexual orientation are often entwined and complicated. Some of the same types of factors that impact and marginalized the African-American community also marginalized gay, lesbian, bi and trans persons. LGBTQ persons of color often face multiple levels of hostility and marginalization.

In my experience, one of the most valuable parts of attending the Summit Against Racism is an ability to listen to others express their experience. For example, last year, I sat in on a session about youth and the police. The ability to grow my understanding of these young person’s real life experience shapes my commitment to being a part of the solution- and efforts to eradicate racism and the generated tensions that divide communities.

Even though the subject can seem ominous and heavy duty, the day is fun and the opportunity exists to make friends and deepen the support network building and friendships. Check out the website and commit to being a part of the solution and improve Pittsburgh by doing big and small things to end racism.

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