Pat Cordova Trans AthleteThis story follows a string of important stories about jocks who are gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer, and straight supporters, but this story of a trans youth brings some other important elements that I’m so thrilled to read about.

Seventeen year old Pat Cordova-Goff is a senior at Azusa High School in California. She is a member of the cheer squad and is Azusa High School’s student body president with a 4.0 grade average. Pat is also the founder of Azusa’s Gay Straight Alliance. She is now on her way to be the state’s first transgender student to play high school softball on a girl’s team.

LGBTQ youth face some of the greatest difficulties and too often we only hear about trans youth- or adults for that matter- who are victims. Thanks to GLAAD for pointing out this amazing young person.

Check out the full story on the GLAAD site!