Today, I received a MailChimp email announcing that Jack Wagner is running for Governor of Pennsylvania, and the question it raises for me is, why? Really!

I know other folks around the state have already to begun endorsing Dem candidates. This blog has never officially endoresed a candidate, and I’m not sure I plan to begin this election, but I’ve been following those candidates who have been in the race already for a while. Several look very promising for PA, in my opinion. These are folks who set their sites on governor because they had something to really offer in tat office. ¬†Wagner looks like a has-been who can’t seem to get out of politics when he ought to. I can grasp that he may feel like he has more to offer, but the time is past for the type of politician like Wagner.

He also strikes me as someone who doesn’t know what he really wants, except to be elected to some office, and I don’t think we can afford a governor like that. Last year, he wanted to be mayor of Pittsburgh, and now he wants to be governor. How is it that a person can have such shifting goals in such a short period of time?

Wagner also strikes me as an out-dated type of politician who would serve the people of the commonwealth best by simply staying out of politics. As recently as his race for Pittsburgh mayor, he labeled himself as a pro-life democrat, and while his stance on LGBTQ issues has improved immensely from his days on Pittsburgh City Council, he is far from being a progressive. I think Pennsylvania needs a progressive candidateto replace the current pro-life candidate sitting in the state’s highest office at the moment.

Jack, you have served the city and the state well the past. Why not leave it at that. Help support more progressive candidates and do your part to help move Pennsylvania forward. But not as a candidate, as a Democrat supporting more progressive candidates. Pennsylvania thanks you in advance.

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