PAThe quote below is from an amici brief filed regarding the court case in Utah re: same-sex marriage,and pulled from this this story:

“State laws and constitutions that deny marriage to gay and lesbian citizens are bad for our businesses …. Our success is dependent upon the welfare and morale of all employees, without distinction. This forced differential treatment – imposed by state law – of similarly situated employees interferes with our business and professional judgment and creates unnecessary confusion, tension, and ultimately, diminished employee morale …

As employers in a national and global economy, it is critical that we attract and retain the best employee talent. States like Utah, Oklahoma, and others whose laws or constitutions prohibit same-sex couples from marrying require us to differentiate among similarly situated employees, to our detriment. As a result, our ability to grow and maintain a diverse workplace is hampered, as is, in turn, our ability to grow and maintain our business.”

But the sentiments expressed apply completely to any laws that treat lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and queer people differentially because of their sexual orientation and gender expression or identity. Such is the case here in Pennsylvania, where gays and lesbians are banned from marrying and LGBTQ persons across most of the state, can be fired, refused housing and public accommodations simply a based on how others perceive their orientation, expression or identity. Anyone who cares about Pennsylvania moving ahead as a business leader must take these ideas seriously. Why is the commonwealth unable to attract more profitable high tech companies and other leaders in this new economy?

Discrimination is bad for business.

Here is the original story:

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