rape cultureIt isn’t hard to find bloggers who talk about ours being a “rape culture,” which may should a bit exaggerated until you see stories like the one linked here. I know too many gay guys who will joke about rape or roll their eyes, but this is a very real thing that anyone who cares about LGBTQ Rights ought to care about. It’s one thing to think rape is wrong, but another to really recognize how prevalent it is and decide to stand up and change that.

After processing just 1,600 of them so far, Detroit has identified about 100 serial rapists and ten convicted rapists. Those perpetrators have moved on from Michigan to commit similar crimes in 23 other states.

Of course, Detroit is not alone. Nationwide, there are an estimated 400,000 untested rape kits.

A culture which at the very least turns a blinds eye to rape and more damaging, treats it as an insignificant crime, is a culture that will do anything to protect Male Privilege. If women can be so easily dismissed and abused, so can queers.

Gay men can not stand by and pretend this isn’t our issue. I have no stats to explore how many victims of rape are women vs men, nor how often the perpetrator is a man, but in a regard it isn’t the most significant feature of this abuse. That males are treated as if they have a license to use their power over another human being and to invade and harm them in the most horrific way, is unconscionable in a society that claims to value freedom and equality. That the Police who are the  very individuals who are there to protect us, assist these abusers by failing to process evidence, and our governments stand by negligent demonstrates how far we really have to go before we are a country of equals where everyone lives expecting safety freedom.

via 100 serial rapists identified after Detroit finally processes untested rape kits.

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