steelcitystonewalldemocratsVia email, I learned about a meet and greet for one of the candidates for PA Governor, Rob McCord to be held Saturday evening in Pittsburgh. McCord received the 2014 endorsement from the Steel City Stonewall Democrats, and this meet and greet is, I believe, sponsored by that organization.

While some LGBTQ persons may see this election as not important, the reality for Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ community, nothing could be further from the truth. We must turn out big numbers in November to do our part in shifting the State government more towards the progressive side, and electing a new Governor is a big part of that process. I would argue that the 2014 election is vastly more important than 2016, but I’ll leave that for a different post.

Personally, I’ve been in favor of electing Allyson Schwartz as our next governor, but I’m very interested to see ad hear what McCord has to offer. This meet and greet is a perfect opportunity to learn first hand about a candidate. Too often, the LGBTQ community is left to sort of guess about candidates or rely on the opinions of others as to how to cast a ballot. Informed voting empowers everyone and leads to a better government. Go go get informed. Meet Rob and get to know for yourself how he can help more Pennsylvania forward.

You are invited to join us for a meet and greet with the Steel City Stonewall Democrats endorsed candidate for governor, Rob McCord and his wife Leigh Jackson.

Saturday, April 26th at 8:30PM
207 Bailey Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15211

Jim Sheppard, President of the SCSD, also told me about the upcoming launch of a new web site, The official launch may coincide with the meet and greet. Jim tells me the project is a multi-year effort to go after any candidate who is hindering our states progress towards fairness and equality, such as the current Governor, Tom Corbett. I’m looking forward to their efforts to go after Darryl Metcalfe! He is, in my opinion the biggest obstacle towards LGBTQ Rights in our state, and I’m glad to see them get this project underway.

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