Singer/songwriter Tom Goss has released his latest video, Illuminate the Dark, which is in my opinion, one of his finest songs to date. If you aren’t familiar with Tom, you are missing a treasure, so check him out, and if he is anywhere near you performing- GO SEE HIM!

Like most of Tom’s songs, the lyrics here are as lovely and memorable as the tune. This video, maybe more than any of his, couples these wonderful things with amazing imagery. Truly skillful.

I’ve wondered if I wanted to mention that Alex Minsky is in the video, but I suppose I just did. Alex too is a real inspiration, and he fits so well within this Goss narrative. It is easy to objectify Minsky and see only a beautiful body covered in tattoos, but here we see deeper and capture so much of the real humanness of Alex Minsky. All the scenarios of the video are evocative and welcome your pondering upon them. A glance outside of a restroom between two individuals  is the moment that really grabbed me and shook me awake. For me the video is sad and happy, filled with love and hope and warmth. Enjoy!



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