I generally always post using the acronym “LGBTQ” unless I want to talk about a part of the rainbow community, and today, I want to draw attention to the “Q.” Not everyone within the activist community agrees with adding the Q. Usually while male activists- some of whom would be happy to talk only about the Gay Rights movement. Their mindset is in my opinion a part of the problem rather than part of the solution. If Equality really is to mean that everyone is treated fairly and without discrimination regardless of the sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, then we must quit promoting the false dichotomy which pretends that people are either straight or gay, and referring the whole of our community by including the “Q” is a big step in that direction.

This post called, “Growing Up Straight in the Gay World,” reminded me the other day about the importance of “Q” for queer:

I grew up a straight girl in a gay world, the opposite of what most gay people experience, but with the same problems of lack of place. As a young adult, I missed the gay community but never felt entirely comfortable in gay bars. Yet, I didn’t feel that I made sense in the heterosexual world either.

The post by Lara Lillibridge is a wonderful read, please check it out.

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