Earlier I posted an open letter to a fellow blogger who is calling transgender a disease, a position I find unacceptable. I posted a link to my post as a comment to his original post, and he replied with the following as a comment:

Short answer because I am currently writing a response: Sorry Thomas, but I can no longer accept as my equals people who act and behave like anti-gay thugs.

Consider how similar this language is to the Far-right homophobes who call LGBT activists “thugs” and bullies.

I especially appreciate this phrase:

 I can no longer accept as my equals…

Equality isn’t about if we grant it or not. We all deserve to be treated as equals. Period. If some choose not to accept that, they place themselves on the fringe of our society. The fringe may be on the far-right or on the far-left, but the fringe is still outside the mainstream culture where the general premise is that all persons are treated with dignity and respect.

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