I’m missing the gay gene for Broadway adoration. OK, I love the theater, and I can enjoy a good show tune, but for me, it isn’t over the top like it is for some gay guys. So, when I heard that Broadway might not dim the lights in memory of Joan Rivers, I wasn’t aghast like some, but I was pretty surprised. It has been like Broadway is a thriving enterprise bringing in big bags of cash every night. What did they have to lose by honoring a woman who rightfully was associated with Broadway? I haven’t got an answer to that, so if you have one, leave a comment below.

Not all theaters are ignoring Rivers’ passing. Seven theaters including the one showing Kinky Boots will be dimming their marguee lights tonight which seems fitting. But is the lack of participation by other Broadway theaters a black eye for Broadway? This is from the NYT Artsbeat

Seven of Broadway’s 40 theaters will dim their marquee lights at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday to honor Joan Rivers, following an outcry among some theater producers and others that Ms. Rivers — a Tony Award nominee for best actress in 1994 — deserved the tribute.

Jordan Roth, the owner of Jujamcyn Theaters, which operates five of the houses, took to Twitter on Monday night to announce the move “in memory of the legendary Joan Rivers.” Disney announced separately that it would dim the lights at the New Amsterdam Theater, which the company runs and where its musical “Aladdin” is playing. The Helen Hayes Theater, where Ms. Rivers starred in 1994 in “Sally Marr … and Her Escorts,” will also dim its lights on Tuesday evening; the Hayes is independently owned.

I just don’t know what Broadway has to gain- someone enlighten me.

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