The Pittsburgh LGBTQ Film Festival opens this evening, and as in pasty years, daily I’ll pick a film that I want to encourage everyone to go see. 

Few films currently running the film festival circuit are as perfect for viewing for National Coming Out Day than Blackbird, being screened this evening as part of ReelQ, the Pittsburgh LGBTQ Film Festival. Here’s a snip from the film description:

Gifted young actor Julian Walker gives a wonderfully nuanced performance as Randy, a black teen who comes out to his parents (Mo’Nique of “Precious” and Isaiah Washington of “Grey’s Anatomy”), forcing the entire family to examine their relationships, community and faith.

While Marriage Equality news overflows these days taking most of our attention, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, and lied supporters must remain focused on striving for full equality, and to do that, we need to better explore how we support our youth as they grapple with their sexual orientation and gender identity and come out. Personally, I’d go so far as to say that it was easier for youth to come out back with I was 18 or 19, because the vitriolic rhetoric was less. The Far Right pushes so hard back against any progress that it is a minefield out there for youth— part of the reason we see so many homeless youth who identify as LGBTQ as well as so many suicides.

Additionally coming out within the African American South adds other dynamics to the mix, that this story is one everyone needs to see and comprehend. Few activities beside coming out itself are as important for National Coming Out Day (#NCOD) than to witness this story and leave the theater more aware of thus struggle. Fortunately told beautifully, expect more than a mere downer of a story. Expect to feel enriched, inspired and dedicated to caring for our youth in a deeper way, and better understanding family faith, and love.

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