The link below is for a fundraising effort to help produce “Johnny” an independent film project seeking $10,000 in crowdsourced funding. The concept video and storyline are pretty compelling, and it doesn’t seem like the type of queer story that mainstream media is likely to pickup.


Please pitch in for as little as $1 ( higher amounts include perks). Help tell real stories that portray real queer lives that otherwise may stay ignored and overlooked.

And as it turns out, Dave is not the only one with a secret, and the intimate night the two men share forces Johnny to come face-to-face with a haunting moment from his past that he thought he’d left behind.

JOHNNY is a story about finding the strength and courage that it takes to accept responsibility for the choices you have made and the person you have become.

I fully support independent filmmaking as a powerful tool in telling LGBTQ stories and I’m happy to sign on as a supporter of this film. With a little over a week to go, the film needs your help to meet the fundraising goal.–2

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