I’m a little surprised at the level of rhetoric surrounding the D&G interview, where the iconic fashion duo trashes and stigmatizes unconventional families, and their subsequent attempt to walk back the offensiveness of the comments. Then add the level of almost hysteria coming from some within the LGBTQ expressed as justified outrage. The reality is these two homosexual men are just parroting traditional Catholic teachings and expressing their own (and Catholicism’s) hypocrisy with it.

Let’s start with the front runner expressing outrage– Elton John and his husband John Furnish, and then echoed by Ricky Martin. These guys were expressing upset at their way their own families were being dismissed by two old and uncommitted single men. It wasn’t so much that they were talking about same-sex marriage or even about queers being in a committed relationship, rather it was the very basic role of a woman as a womb to carry a baby and be the mother. The offense is unanswerable: a woman can do something two men can not, which may be biologically true, but utterly irrelevant. We know both anecdotally as well as by scientific data, that the quality of a family is not based upon who uterus the baby or babies come from. But the Catholic myths are, no birth control, no anything except a woman’s place is in the home raising the babies, abd then everyone lives happily ever after. No reality in that whatsoever.

This is the basic premise for the hate group known as the National Organization for Marriage, and that’s not too surprising, as the leaders of that organization are Catholic orthodox standard bearers through and through.

Elton John proposes a boycott of D&G, which in theory I support. For a boycott to be successful as a economic effort, one has to raise enough mass engagement, that any drop in revenue is visible and attributable to the boycott. I’m not really sure that’s possible, but I support the effort none the less. The message is an important one– we as a culture and a LGBTQ Community within the larger culture won’t continue to tolerate hypocrisy and support those who are not supportive of others and of inclusion.

Here’s why I see Dolce and Gabbana as hypocrites. They cite as their reasoning their Catholic Faith, yet that same Faith tradition considers homosexuality to be an abomination and incompatible with Catholic teachings. They oppose IVF because it is counter to Catholic Teaching when their very own experiences and actions as two gay men are counter to that same Catholic Teaching.

On the more extreme end, I’ve seen postings to Facebook and Twitter referring to D&G as “our enemies” which is simply too over the top. The status quo is our enemy, and these are just two individuals who are famous enough to get some notice, and who seek to maintain the status quo. Anyone who seeks to interfere with equality is a part of the problem regardless of their sexual orientation, but are they really enemies?

Many people within the LGBTQ movement can be seen as hindering progress towards full equality every bit as much as Dolce and Gabbana. Those who are closeted and maintain compartmentalized lives do not help us achieve equality; those who don’t turn out and vote  or who support those political candidates and parties which work against equality hinder the LGBTQ Community’s progress. Dolce and Gabbana are no more or less problematic than these types of people.

Isn’t this actually a perfect illustration of the Catholic Church’s hypocrisy when it comes to LGBTQ issues? The so-called admonition of homosexual acts while all the time claiming to love homosexuals, creates an utterly fallacious ability for ideas to be expressed like these by seemingly smart people.

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