This Philadelphia Magazine article is a must read for anyone who struggles to understand the concept of privilege and especially male privilege.

The other day, I had a discussion on Whisper (I know, not a bastion for level headed dialogue) with someone who thought feminism was just a fancy word for female whining about men. We sent cordial, respectful, and honest messages back and forth for quite a while as they finally came around and could see my point. They left the dialogue aware of how they actually supported feminist ideas once they let go of stereotypical fallacious ideas about what feminist means.

But that person is not alone. Many guys have no freaking clue of male privilege. The very notion that because boys (men too) do things with an intent to be funny or without malice and that ought to make it OK is simply ludicrous. But that’s it– male privilege in a nut shell.

An ex-fraternity member first told authorities about the Facebook pages, which were dubbed “Covert Business Transactions” and “2.o,” according to a police warrant. They allegedly featured photos of “nude females that appeared to be passed out” as well as “marijuana and edibles, concentrates, ADD medication, and some cocaine.” Police said fraternity members could face charges of invasion of privacy and harassment.

The ex-frat guy interviewed here expresses all the classic arguments/myths that make such offensive behavior supposedly all right:

  • boys are just being boys
  • no one meant any harm
  • it was just a joke
  • everyone does it, so what’s the big deal
  • it has always been in this way

Couple this with the recent issue at Oklahoma State, and the issue of privilege and entitlement is very clear.

We will not see real Equality, or respect for diversity including true respect for women as long as male privilege goes unchecked. What are you doing to help stop the abuse of others under the guise of male privilege?

via Member of Penn State’s Kappa Delta Rho Defends Fraternity | News | Philadelphia Magazine.

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