I walked around PrideFest today, and as I did,  person after person thanked me for the writing I’ve been doing about the Pittsburgh Pride controversy. I’ve tried to write with clarity and give voice to the issues within the emotions and passionate agendas. I think my own perspective is also present, but I keep hearing that my commentary has been balanced, fair,and informative. 

Few things make me, the blogger, happier than to have a reader be able to describe something I wrote that was memorable to them. Sometimes I fear that folks read only the headlines. Thanks for proving that wrong. 

We each have a role to play in creating change and moving the LGBTQ community forward. Thank you for inviting  me and my writing to inform you and to be a part of your efforts towards change. 

The controversy regarding Pride and the Delta Foundation isn’t over, and in fact, the hard work really begins now. How do we as a whole LGBTQIA be engaged in a dialogue about Pride? I’ll try and continue to do my part and thank you for continuing to be a reader. 

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