We’ve seen a number of LGBTQ blogs announce changes, starting perhaps with Pam’s House Blend, and continuing through AmericaBlog, and most recently The Bilerico Project. All have been major losses for the LGBTQ community. In my opinion, we need more reportage, and more writing about LGBTQIA related topics. I’m pleased to say, thomascwaters.com isn’t going anywhere and I’ll keep blogging as long as I have readers and opinions I believe are worth sharing.

But, I’m making a few changes at thomascwaters.com.  Today, I affected the site navigation and removed “Marriage Equality” as a main header item. I have always felt there were LGBTQ issues far more important than marriage, but for a variety of reasons, marriage rights gained the public’s focus and the momentum needed to go all the way to the US Supreme Court. Any blogger writing about LGBTQIA had to write about marriage to some degree, but it no longer will be a primary focus on my blog. Al the pasts about it (and more may follow) are still in the archive and can be found via search.

My new main menu bar reflects the five most important areas for dialogue within the LGBTQIA community as I see it, and my efforts moving forward are most likely to focus on these areas.Over the next few weeks, I’ll write some posts, detailing why each of these are so crucial of a focus for the LGBTQIA community, so please stay tuned for these posts.

And thanks for being readers of thomascwaters.com! I hope my posts continue to bering you ideas and commentary that inform you as well as evoke you to take action.

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