On Tuesday, I posted comments about the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, and how their information is extremely misleading. I had gone to their web site planning to capture some screen shots to support my comments. But I found the site off-line.


Today I learned that the site may have been off-line f0or a while, a week or so. The site has been hacked. What do you make of it?

For me, it is another example of the way Delta puffs themselves up to pretend they are bigger than they really are. They are unprepared to maintain their brand– their image. Certainly any site can be hacked, but can a million-dollar-budget non-profit keep their image visible? Do they value their appearance and visibility enough to take some very basic steps to maintain that visibility? Any web site should be backed up regularly so if it gets hacked, it is a simple matter to bring up a good back up. Surely, any organization that depends upon their visibility can spend a minuscule fraction of that million dollars to have a reliable web presence.

But that’s the thing with Delta– a reliable visibility isn’t what they want. What they want is to maintain an impression, a myth , and soundbite, in which they are the most important LGBT organization, because they say so. Information that might either support or indict however is not too important to them.

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