4022353039I admit, I’ve been fairly dumbfounded, trying to decide if and what I have to say about the recent terrorist strikes, but the recent news that governors are using the attacks as a reason to keep refugees from being placed in their states. These are people fleeing the violence and terrorism that is Daesh, and not the people causing the problem– these are the wrong people to be afraid of.

I have really had to bite my tongue and not comment on Facebook as well-meaning individuals point out how some attacks (Paris) get lots of attention, and others receive none. This is both true and totally unhelpful in the moment.

Some folks have taken this as an opportunity to call out Religion as the prime source of violence and terrorism. One religion feels justified to root out and destroy anyone who believes differently, and this is also a true sentiment. But in this regard Daesh is not alone. Attacks on american abortion clinics and abortion providers is an example of the Christian equivalent. Evangelical pastors call for death to gays, and the general public is not so outraged. But they should be.

Daesh, or its american counterparts are not really about Religion, even as they claim it as their justification. Their only real motive is power and domination, and if we are going to stop them, we must see this distinction. This is a crucial point.

The attacks in Beirut, Baghdad and Paris, were truly horrific, and Daesh must be stopped certainly. But everyone who wants to see a changed and humane world must begin to call out anyone who is using tactics to terrorize and cause fear, in the name of religion or other causes.

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