BrownThe other day, the National Organization for Marriage sent out their email holiday card with a picture of Brian Brown’s family on it. NOM is all about the traditional family, and this card emphasizes that in no small way. Looking at Brian, I couldn’t help thinking how gay he looks. There’s just something about him that sets off the gaydar in a big way. Why is that? Could Brian Brown be a homo in hiding?

A few days later, a news story came across my RSS feed: a research study confirms that the rabibly antigay are really hiding homosexuals. Not hiding in the being in the closet sense, but hiding in the queen of denial sense.

“They have found that there is a strong correlation between the radicalism of the homophobic ideas in an individual and his actual homosexual inclinations. The more radical and determined they are, the gayer.”

“There were four studies that took place and they included students from both the US and Germany and they ended up revealing pretty compelling results.”

That really isn’t news to many of us LGBTQ activists. It just seems plain as day- real straight guys just aren’t bothered by gay guys being gay. There are just these select few who fight ferociously to stop any progress made that suggests being gay or lesbian is normal. The need to fight so irationally because the acceptance of homosexuality threatens them in some huge way.

I think gay activists need to alter our strategies when it comes to fighting these types. Because in a way, to battle them, is to battle other gay people (even if those other gays are utterly in denial.) If we are attacking them, we are in a way attacking ourselves, or at the very least attacking the worst parts of ourselves, because most every single one of us knows and has experienced some level of fear about being gay.

We never have to sit back and let them hate us and attack us with vile lies, misinformation and efforts to take away our rights, but the best strategy for fighting their efforts is simply to be who we are as out and proud and visible as possible. If we attack homophobes, we are actually attacking their fear, since their fear drives them, and we should all be able to relate to being attacked while afraid.

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