Towards the end of each year, I write a series of posts about the year’s posts that received the most hits. This year, I’m writing about the five posts that were the most read or viewed in 2015.

videoimageThe fourth most read or viewed post, was about a truly important issue- the intersection of racism and sexual preference- the fetishizing of race.  The post was written in January.

Many have raised objections to the way the LGBT movement revolves around and perpetuates white privilege. The fetishization of race is one way this privilege is displayed. At the same time, it isn’t just that simple. Preference, attraction, interest are all more complex. How do we sort all of it out?

Regardless of the complexity, if a person only dates white persons or black persons, that is a clear indication of the fetishization of race.

Gay men, Porn, and Fetishizing Race.

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