Update (Monday 3PM):

In addition to the event listed below, there will be a Walk for Solidarity, starting at Schenley Plaza and walking to the Ace Hotel. The walk begins at 5:30

For those who can’t mae it to the Ace for the town hall, you may participate remotely using the hashtag #PulseActionPGH starting at 8:30PM

The Ace Hotel is hosting an evening for those who still are coping with the Orlando massacre at the Pulse night club.  From their web site:

The event that unfolded in Orlando has all of us searching for answers. Join us for a town hall discussion, outreach and action center, and gathering of community in honor of the lives lost.

7PM – TUE JUN 28, 2016


There will be:
– A Town Hall Discussion with leaders of local advocacy organizations
– Access to grief counseling
– “A Take Action Center” – donate your time, dollars and goods to the people who need them
– Performances and music by local allies
– Space to grieve, talk and process

Please join us. More details very soon.

If indiviuals or organizations would like to be invloved or represented, please contact: Abigail Foxley at

The event sounds terrific. If you are still grieving, this is a good place to be. If you are ready to take action and cause change this is a good place to be.

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