One senator is hindering the passage of nondiscrimination protections. Call her office now!

PA_MapLGBT Nondiscrimination protections in housing and employment have been moving through the PA Senate, but today, hit a road block as Senator Lisa Baker requested more time.

This is from Equality PA:

It was just last week that a bipartisan group of lawmakers voted to advance an LGBT non-discrimination bill out of committee. But today, the Harrisburg Patriot-News is reporting that LGBT non-discrimination bills appear to be stalled for the summer.

And the sole roadblock to advancing LGBT protections? Senator Lisa Baker.

Yesterday, as legislation prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination in employment and housing was expected to be heard on the Senate floor in the coming days, Senator Baker requested more time to supposedly “study the impact” of these protections.

But make no mistake: This last-ditch move isn’t about studying any piece of legislation. It’s a bold-faced attempt to derail the undeniable momentum our movement has built for LGBT non-discrimination this year—and it’s political maneuvering at its worst

It is hard to know what “more study” needs to be done. 35 towns, cities and municipalities across PA already offer these protections. There is clear evidence that such protections harm no one and have many benefits including economic benefits.

Dial 717-787-7428 and tell Senator Lisa Baker: Stop single-handedly blocking LGBT non-discrimination bills in Pennsylvania! Then click here to let us know you called. 

If Senator Baker truly wants to “study the impact” of inclusive non-discrimination laws, then she should look to the 17 states and 200+ cities including 35 in Pennsylvania that already have LGBT protections on the books—and boast stronger, more vibrant economies as a result.

That’s because the notion of protecting LGBT Pennsylvanians isn’t controversial. 78% of people across the Keystone State believe that the laws of our state should protect all hardworking people from discrimination. Pennsylvanians are ready for the laws of our state to match our values.

But if Senator Baker gets her way, lawmakers wouldn’t even consider updating Pennsylvania’s law until this fall at the earliest—and it’s LGBT Pennsylvanians who, with every day of delay, would continue living under the fear of discrimination.

Tell Senator Baker: Don’t block LGBT protections in Pennsylvania! Dial 717-787-7428 and tell the Senator to stop standing in the way of non-discrimination bills.

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