DNCJust a short post regarding all the brouhaha that has happened today at the start of the Democratic Convention. I want to know, just how f*cking tone deaf is the DNC?

What Bernie supporters have been wanting all along is a clean election– a fair shake, and the emails demonstrate that this didn’t happen. That isn’t the worse part. What’s worse is how it is all being handled. Rather than own up to the shit job they did (i.e. not being neutral towards both campaigns), they scrap Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and then immediately, the Clinton campaign offers her an honorary chairmanship. What was needed was for DWS to publicly apologize for what was done. And to be clear– what was done was the DNC failed to be neutral towards both campaigns.

Clinton erred offering the honorary chairmanship so fast. Clinton needed to distance herself from the DNC, and her inability or unwillingness to do that could cost her this election, because her doing as she did drove a further wedge between herself and Bernie supporters.

Can the DNC and this election be saved? Maybe. Maybe not, I don’t have a crystal ball. But anyone with their eyes open and even a small degree of awareness of why Bernie’s campaign was so successful with younger voters– Today’s DNC actions are just more of the same old behavior, and that really won’t cut it.

The Dems/DNC have a history of shooting itself in the foot, and at least the resignation of DWS because it is a possible start to new leadership of the DNC. But is it too little? Probably. And is there time for all of this to evolve and still allow the convention to be a success? THat’s the big question. But one thing is clear– the DNC has no understanding of what Bernie’s supporters are really all about.

I want more than anything for the Democrats to win the fall election. But these issues will have to find some resolution and quickly for that to happen.

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  1. You nailed it. The DNC is playing with the same old song and dance bullshit … passing the TPP, when everybody in the country, except people shielded inside the beltway, knows someone who has lost their job to “FREE TRADE”. and then you have TRUMP who will murder HRC in the midwest on this one issue alone. And SHE WILL BE TOAST. And i say this as someone who cast my vote for Bernie because I have personally seen the devastating effects of free trade in my home state of Connecticut. A once proud manufacturing state.