Donald_Trump_Statue_Union_Square_Twitter_Embed_2016I’ve been kicking myself for weeks for unfriending some diehard Bernie or bust folks on Facebook. On some level, I could be fine with them making whatever political choice they want to make, but I just couldn’t handle the bullshit rationalization and justifications based on false ideas that served as their “evidence” against Clinton. When all is said and done, I felt (and still do) that supporting a third party candidate is one of the most anti-LGBTQ ways to vote. And if you need me to explain that further, read over past blog posts, or ask me over a beer to expound further. So why am I kicking myself? I guess I’m wondering if any of those folks are coming around.

But the next biggest, (or even bigger?) threat to LGBTQ Rights would be allowing Trump to win election. No matter how poorly he is doing in the polls, the only way to stop him is for everyone to turn out to vote for Clinton. The polls will only be correct if we vote.

I’ve also felt bad that I haven’t been blogging much recently. It’s partly because I don’t really want to be blogging about Trump and politics in general.

Yes, I get how ironic it is: here I am blogging about Trump and politics. But the truth of the matter is that Trump and the state of politics really is an LGBTQ issue. There is no greater danger to the fragile state of our equality than what happens in November. So don’t be surprised if I end up blogging about politics in general over the next few months. (Interesting factoid— it was Obama’s win while Prop 8 passed in California which brought this blog into being.)

One piece of it is all about Trump. While he uses “LGBTQ safety” as a talking point to trash Clinton, he has also said he will nominate supreme court judges that will overturn the recent gains we have made. Just months after the Orlando massacre, Trump was in Orlando to win the support of some of the most rabid anti-LGBTQ evangelicals. So, Trump, all by himself is a threat to LGBTQ Rights. And, as president, he would make many choices including judge nominations which will be bad for LGBTQ Rights.

There are two main Supreme Court decisions which must be overturned to help correct the direction of the country. The largest is Citizen’s United which allowed those with money, excess influence over our political system. Until it is overturned, the rich will get richer and the middle class will continue to be denied agency in government. The other decision that must be overturned is Hobby Lobby, which was all about women’s reproductive rights, but which will be used to deny LGBTQ persons services, access and accommodations based on religious beliefs. Until Hobby Lobby is overturned, we will not have inclusive nondiscrimination protections.

But the other piece of it, is all of the other levels of government also up for election and how these are connected. Pollsters and analysts say that the size of the lead Clinton has over Trump is a predictor of how likely it is that democrats take back the Senate and the House. Having a pro-LGBTQ Rights president, is only as useful, as the quality and quantity of legislation that the president can get through Congress. If the GOP keeps either the House or the Senate, we will not see significant increases to LGBTQ Rights. And the same is true even further down ticket, in states across the country. Some of the most significant efforts towards full equality, will happen within the courts as the constitutionality of state-enacted, anti-LGBTQ legislation is reviewed.

So, there it is: the two ways to threaten progress for LGBTQ Rights is to allow Trump to be elected, or to take votes away from Clinton and diminish the size of her lead, thus impacting the ability to win back the Senate and the House.

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