This past weekend kinda kicked off the annual extravaganza, many LGBTQIA persons prefer to simply as Pride. In June ofd every year we remember and celebrate. We are remembering our history, and the role that a skirmish between the NYC Police and a ragtag mix of queer persons had in shaping the modern queer rights movement. Some will say, it all began with Pride (meaning Stonewall) and others will say, Pride started as a riot, because of the clashes with police that sparked what today, we call the Stonewall riots. but neither of these reflect real queerstory.

Yes, on a fateful night a group of very marginalized queers fought back against a police raid- an event that was all too common in 1969. Several nights of skirmishes with the police ensued. These were clashes, quite different from what we might otherwise think of as a riot. But nonetheless, this was a point where historians see the trajectory of the modern queer rights movement was changed. a year later, was the first commemoration, and that’s when Pride was born.

That event happened for a number of reasons, but today, we know that a wide assortment of efforts, movements, ideas and actions hardened over the decades before that helped create that space where this resistance to the police could take place.

As you can see from my blog, I haven’t blogged regularly, but this month, my goal os to post a post every day, and share something idea or thought or opinion. My gift to you, this Pride 2020.

But unlike most years, where Pride is hugely celebratory, my posts will be far more diverse. Usually I see one great value of Pride is to re-energize the community, and celebration, positivity, and encouragement help make that happen. But another great value of Pride is to offer resistance, and call into question ideas and the status quo that don’t serve the LGBTQIA community very well any more.

So, Happy Pride everyone. I hope you tune in daily to see what I have to say. And by all means, add your voices in the comments!