A while ago, I made the decision not to use adwords, pop ups or other annoying tools to try and raise funds by my blog. So often on an LGBTQ blog, these types of revenue generating tools simply cover your site with ads for underwear, soft porn or dating sites, and in my opinion, that drastically takes away from the purpose of the site.

While I take no income from this site, it does require a fair amount of time, effort and there are expenses like the domain name registry and hosting fees. To cover these expenses, I ask that my readers consider make a small contribution to support this blog. Any amount from $1 upwards can go a long way in covering these costs. If even a dozen of my readers put in the cost of a cup of coffee once in a while, I would be so appreciative.

If you enjoy this blog and feel it is a useful resource, please consider making a contribution of any amount via this secure PayPal button.