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Pittsburgh Pride Related Events for Sunday June 5

Just a reminder that there are two Pittsburgh Pride related events tomorrow, Sunday June 5th. In the morning, there is an interfaith Pride worship service and brunch buffet at the Community Church House. 10:45AM- noon. Then, in the evening, there is a Queer Teen dance party at the Greybox Theatre in Lawrenceville at 8PM   Details can be found at the Pittsburgh Pride Calendar.

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Will The Faith Community Deliver Equality?

I think that the mainstream Faith community will play a major role in today’s civil rights movement for LGBT Equality, and I believe people like Pastor Totty is at the lead. Here’s why I think she is a tremendous role model and leader in the fight for equality, and why I think the mainstream Faith community is so important.

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Hero Zach Wahl is Coming to Pittsburgh

Zach will be here in Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Pride Advocacy Rally on June 3rd, on the steps to the City County Building.

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Pittsburgh Pride Entertainer Announced!

PATTI LABELLE BRINGS HER “NEW ATTITUDE” TO PITTSBURGH. Headlines Pittsburgh Pride’s Downtown Street Event

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Pride: Thanks to My Readers

I try, sometimes more successfully than others, to raise a different perspective and ask questions others aren’t asking, and writing over the past few months has shown me over and over again, how that is both working, as well as how much more I can do to be clear with what I’m saying and through provocative posts prompt meaningful thinking and exchange.

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Hands Palm-to-Palm for Pride

I’m especially touched by the wording here, as it suggests a Buddhist mind set. Here, we are talking about the Pittsburgh Pride walk instead of a Pride march. A walking meditation is a part of many Buddhist’s daily practice, and in this way brings their practice to Pride as well as takes Pride back into a daily practice. Walking, accurately describes the practical activity too, and suggests taking a slower pace, and using that time to be very present in the action of being a part of the whole experience.

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The Right Way to be Gay?

But my position is that one person, or even a group of people within the LGBT community are not even remotely responsible for “reversing the positive effects.” There are far too many far-right anti-gay haters out there who are quite capable of doing that no matter who is deemed as spokesperson.

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Thoughts on Pride

I was at the training and sign up session for Pride volunteers last night, and was really blown away! While I have been at almost every Pride since I moved back to Pittsburgh in 1987, it was the first year I have volunteered. What an amazing mix of people of different ages, races, and genders! I met a women named Jill from Greensburg who has come to Pittsburgh specifically to help with Pride. That may[Read More…]

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Ready, Set, Pride.

Ready, Set, Pride.

For some it is all celebration. For others, it is a time when they see the worst about the LGBT community, for others it is about visibility, and others it is about activism. and a list of “what Pride means” could be pages and pages long. Some within the LGBT community live all year waiting for Pride, others abhor it, and others seek to make Pride a way to live 365 days a year.

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Does Bloomfield Hate the Gays Now?

Does Bloomfield Hate the Gays Now?

I think there are some who do not feel they have an adequate voice within the larger LGBT community. It may be real or only perceived, but that doesn’t matter in some regard. These individuals feel as if the “Gay Community” in the broadest sense of what it is, doesn’t represent them, or give their voice and needs agency.

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