iPhone Application Review: iNap Arrival Alert

iPhone Application Review: iNap Arrival Alert

On the iTunes app store, there are reviews of the applications.  I often read these, and sometimes pick up a useful point or two, but too often, the reviews don’t tell me much except that someone liked an app or didn’t.  And for me, that isn’t all that useful.  Sure if 100 out of 120 people said good things, that suggests the app may be a good download, but what is past that?  What is[Read More…]

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A hot video!

The new Kylie video is really hot! 5:51 PM

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Aunt Florence and Thanksgiving

As Brad and I fell asleep last night, we talked about expectations and wishes for Thanksgiving Day.  I actually already had this blog post in my head, but the discussion reminded me that perhaps all of us carry into holidays, expectations and ideas about what a perfect holiday might look like and our perfect day is most likely heavily colored by our past. As a kid, I remember Aunt Florence when I think about any[Read More…]

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Insight from Meditation

So, I sit semi-regularly, with a small group of folks at work for a noon-time meditation.  Most of the folks involved are buddhist, but not all.  The meditation is simple and comfortable for anyone.  No matter what your belief system (or lack there of) this can be a welcome place.  Call it silent prayer, call it what you will, just come and spend about 30 minutes in silence. I say I attend semi-regularly- partly because[Read More…]

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Why I follow people on Twitter

So, I’ve been twittering for a while, not sure exactly how long, but about 9 months to a year I guess.  Over that time, I have spent a lot of time on twitter for periods and spent almost no time there during others. And finally, I am starting to feel like I am more connected to some folks on there.  Recently I started using twollow to auto follow people.  And I have begun to think[Read More…]

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This is a wonderful site!

I found this awesome blog/site yesterday, called Pam’s House Blend, awesome site, full of great stuff.  Check it out.

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