Religion Has Failed

Is hypocrisy a Biblical principle?

A Texas pastor who has repeatedly called Mitt Romney’s religion a cult is now endorsing the former Massachusetts governor because President Barack Obama “opposes biblical principles.”   Dallas pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress first said in 2007 that Romney was not qualified to be president because “Mormonism is a cult.”   “Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise,” Jeffress told his congregation. “Even though he talks about Jesus as his Lord[Read More…]

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Is Real Faith dead?

During the 1960’s, there was a movement that was partly a result of Jewish thought following the atrocities of WW2, called the God is Dead movement. The basic premise was that if God is all that we have believed God to be, how could God allow his chosen people to suffer as they did during the holocaust. If doesn’t think I have done the movement justice by that brief descriptor, please add your comments to[Read More…]

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What is Murder?

Steven Anderson has recently been in the news. As a pastor, he prays for Obama to die. The other day, Sirius XM radio host Michelangelo Signorile had him on the air, and the linked blog is about that exchange, and it includes a Youtube video. What I found most intriguing about the exchange was the questioning about murder. According to Anderson, if someone assassinated the President, it wouldn’t be murder, but the legal abortion provider[Read More…]

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A Homosexual Bishop?

The linked blog is called “Mystic Call” and the blogger. Carmen Rose is pretty spectacular in my book! I keep reading through her post to try and find a short passage to excerpt here, but trying to select one over another is proving difficult. This is a valued read for anyone, believer or non-believer. I want to draw attention to the comment by DrDave. I’l acknowledge that it is hard- for obviously both this guy[Read More…]

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Gay Marriage: Failing Both Sides?

The subject line of this blog entry caught my attention and I dug into what is a very good read! I’ve been neglecting to post here on Queer Look at the Bible, so I thought the religious quality to this post and ideas lent itself to QLATB nicely. First, I really appreciate Eugene’s honesty and what comes across as his authentic faith journey surrounding the issue of Marriage Equality. On the one hand, I wish[Read More…]

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Changing Homosexuality or Suppressing the Self?

Years After Resigning in Disgrace, Archbishop Speaks Out – This piece from the New York Times contains a few very large issues to ponder. I can’t necessarily speak to all of them in this blog entry but will raise them at least. Over the next week, I hope to write a blog entry for each question. But weigh in- let me know what you think- leave a comment. 1) The organized Church’s role in[Read More…]

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Remembering Galileo Galilei

I’ve been thinking so much about the Biblical scripture being used against GLBTQ people as proof that Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered people are less than acceptable in today’s world, and clearly unacceptable to God. The Bible thumpers argue that God says these things about gay and lesbian people. I think we really don’t know what God would say about 21st century gay and lesbian people, as the social structure that exists today, that allowed[Read More…]

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If Atheists Ruled the World

Saw this first on Joe.My.God. It would be just plain to funny if it wasn’t kinda scary. All of the content was taken directly from real fundamentalist discussion boards. [youtube][/youtube]

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Cool Web Site

I found this cool web site and think you should check it out if you are of the belief that GLBTQ people belong on the inside of the children of God. I have added it to my blogroll as well as linking it here.

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How Religion Fails us- Covenant Marriage

This post may seem politicaly based, but I decided to post it here due to the religious motivations behind the law being discussed in this linked blog. This is a story about something called Covenant Marriage, a type of legal marriage began as an attempt to stem divorce rates, begun in Lousiana, but now available in several states. My purpose in writing about it is to illustrate the ways in which conservatives apply a double[Read More…]

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