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Lesbians’ testimony shows church rift

Decided to post there, here on Queer Look at the Bible, but am thinking of it in reference to a comment made on my other blog,  Bonnie talked about reconciliation and healing/ change from the inside. The linked article is a profound example of just that sort of action. Lesbians’ testimony shows church rift | | The Clarion-Ledger.

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Queer Look Podcast to Return Soon!

It’s a long story why I stopped producing the queer Look at the Bible Podcast, but the short answer is that it is about to return! Each week, I’ll look at the week’s lectionary readings from the QP (the queer Perspective, and assign each a QP ranking. That is, just how “queer” is the scripture on a scale of 1 bible (not at all queer) to 5 bibles (way way queer!). Most consider that the[Read More…]

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God will make you gay?

YouTube – God will make you gay?.

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Gay Marriage: Failing Both Sides?

The subject line of this blog entry caught my attention and I dug into what is a very good read! I’ve been neglecting to post here on Queer Look at the Bible, so I thought the religious quality to this post and ideas lent itself to QLATB nicely. First, I really appreciate Eugene’s honesty and what comes across as his authentic faith journey surrounding the issue of Marriage Equality. On the one hand, I wish[Read More…]

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Faith and the Question “What if you’re wrong?”

Saw this posted to Facebook, by Patrick Yaeger who maintains the GCRM Media Center on Facebook, an unbelievably wonderful resource. Dawkins is asked at a lecture, what if he is wrong, and the video is of his reply. This is where I think most contemporary Christians, and all far right religious zealots and bigots have it all wrong. They are so sure that they are right. Faith isn’t about “knowing you are right.” Faith is[Read More…]

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Changing Homosexuality or Suppressing the Self?

Years After Resigning in Disgrace, Archbishop Speaks Out – This piece from the New York Times contains a few very large issues to ponder. I can’t necessarily speak to all of them in this blog entry but will raise them at least. Over the next week, I hope to write a blog entry for each question. But weigh in- let me know what you think- leave a comment. 1) The organized Church’s role in[Read More…]

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My Work is Done.

Church of the Resurrection : Show : When in Conflict with Science or Married to Politics Well it isn’t so much that I have done anything, but it is already being done by others, far better than I could ever done it. A commenter on my other blog, send me this link to a Methodist church’s on-line sermon. Good stuff here. Now, maybe the whole work isn’t done, burt there is still good stuff here.[Read More…]

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Blogging the Bible — a Nadder!

When I imagined starting “Queer Look at the Bible: I didn’t think it was, my any means, a unique idea, yet, I didn’t really see it happening all that much. Now, you can’t turn around without knocking into someone reading and discussing the Bible! 🙂 I haven’t ready any of this yet, but the premise is interesting to me, a Jewish Atheist blogging the Bible. Just finished AJ Jacob’s “The Year of Living Biblically” which[Read More…]

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Remembering Galileo Galilei

I’ve been thinking so much about the Biblical scripture being used against GLBTQ people as proof that Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered people are less than acceptable in today’s world, and clearly unacceptable to God. The Bible thumpers argue that God says these things about gay and lesbian people. I think we really don’t know what God would say about 21st century gay and lesbian people, as the social structure that exists today, that allowed[Read More…]

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Toledo Bishop Bans Dissident ‘New Ways Ministry’ to Gays – Catholic Online

The link below is to, so expect the tone of the article to be anti-gay, but it is a good read nonetheless. The article describes how the Bishop Blair forced a pro-gay catholic group, New Way Ministries from using a local convent for a workshop. The group has been cited for failing to provide the full catholic teachig on homosexuality which includes “the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts and the objective disorder of the homosexual[Read More…]

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