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Who Is The Enemy for LGBT Rights?

It may be the wrong time to tell gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender folks that the hard work isn’t over. They may not be thrilled to hear that if we are to achieve Equality, we all must double down our efforts, and work in more direct ways by getting engaged in the legislative process.

September 29, 2010 2 comments general
Civil Rights is a Black Issue

Civil Rights is a Black Issue

To try and suggest that racial issues are the basis of Civil Rights, is another attempt by the far right to rewrite (or at least retell) history to suit its own needs.

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I’d Rather Kiss Than Fight For Our Rights

I have said a number of times on this blog, that activism for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights is changing, but even I never would have guessed that that would mean using a kiss to change the world. A very long kiss, that is. But that is what Matty Daley, 21, and Bobby Canciello, 19, chose to do over the weekend. While the same-sex kiss might have raised some eyebrows, the support the pair received[Read More…]

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3 Reasons Gays Don’t Drink Tea

The trendy political story at the moment, at least in the Mainstream Media which is busy chasing sound bites as an attempt to remain relevant, is the rise and presumed success of the Tea Party movement. There has been some chatter out there, in the blogosphere, as to whether or not gays and lesbians ought to get behind the Tea Party movement. On it’s surface, the Tea Party seems to be about small government, and[Read More…]

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Onorato Reception with Pittsburgh LGBT Community

LGBT Reception with Dan Onorato and Joe Hoeffel, October 3, 2010. Come out to hear why this election is so important for gay and lesbian issues in Pennsylvania.

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Was President Lincoln Gay?

Was President Lincoln Gay?

The more real people, who we can look back on history and see what they accomplished, and who were gay or lesbian (or would be labeled as such by today’s standards) the more we can refute the horrific claims of the anti-gay crusaders.

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Part 2: Pittsburgh Police and the LGBT Community

If a police officer comes to take a report, and you feel that she or he directly ignores evidence or facts, then that itself should also be reported. If you ever feel that a police officer doesn’t treat you acceptably, at least in zone 5, the commander wants to know about it, because he expects all of his officers to treat everyone with dignity, respect and the full attention of the law.

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Some Libraries Not Big On Free Speech

some libraries do wonderful things protecting free speech, but not all libraries are acting in similar ways

August 5, 2010 Comments are Disabled general

The Right Way to be Gay?

But my position is that one person, or even a group of people within the LGBT community are not even remotely responsible for “reversing the positive effects.” There are far too many far-right anti-gay haters out there who are quite capable of doing that no matter who is deemed as spokesperson.

June 12, 2010 1 comment Gay Pride, general
Ready, Set, Pride.

Ready, Set, Pride.

For some it is all celebration. For others, it is a time when they see the worst about the LGBT community, for others it is about visibility, and others it is about activism. and a list of “what Pride means” could be pages and pages long. Some within the LGBT community live all year waiting for Pride, others abhor it, and others seek to make Pride a way to live 365 days a year.

June 6, 2010 Comments are Disabled Activism, Gay Pride
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