Found this via StumbleUpon, and found it both funny as well as poignant.

Maybe I am gullible, but seems to me that these 2 churches decided to work together with a cool little plan to get people thinking and talking. Thinking and talking- good things for people to do.  I can’t imagine that 2 supposedly smart pastors would really be at odds over something like this.  But?  Stranger things have happened.

Now, how about some meaningful thinking and talking about ideas possibly more important to some people- Queers and God’s Love…. forget rocks and dogs for a bit…  I mean, what is it that we expect to find in scripture?  What do we expect it to tell us?  What are we missing without it?  The rocks and dog debate seems based, not really on scripture, but theology in general, and yet scripture is at the base of christian theology.



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