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Urgent: Bloomfield Bashing- The Facts

Crimes against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender people happen everywhere. It could be in the smallest most conservative place, or in the biggest gay mecca, like West Hollywood. Yet, no matter where, violence like this is unacceptable, and the solution is for the community to rise up and demand an end to these types of happenings.

April 30, 2010 5 comments general
Urgent: Rally Tonight About Recent Pittsburgh Hate Crime

Urgent: Rally Tonight About Recent Pittsburgh Hate Crime

While I do not have all the details, Veruca, who was attacked says that the Pleasure Bar was helpful to her, unlike what another Pittsburgh blogger is reporting.

April 30, 2010 3 comments Activism, general

Do You Need a Reason to Elect a Democrat as Governor in PA?

There is nothing wrong with Christianity nor most Christians, but when our elected officials are taking actions to remove rights from people because “God placed me in this powerful position,” there is a really big problem.

April 28, 2010 3 comments Activism

Anonymity, Petitions, and the Supreme Court

Scalia suggests to do otherwise, the court would be creating “new rights,” something that gets associated with activist judges. Here, the activist judges appear to be the far right conservatives, Alito and Roberts.

April 28, 2010 1 comment general

(Heterosexual) Love and (Women’s) Basketball

Sports, in general, is almost the “new religion,” and these collisions receive some air time, but little thoughtful commentary. Perhaps because I’m not a basketball fan, but I have no idea why the sexual orientation of the players or the coach would have any affect on how well a team played.

April 28, 2010 3 comments general

Chaplains Fight DADT Repeal

So, if there is an out gay soldier, it doesn’t affect how a chaplain does his or her job, in any way. That chaplain can keep believing whatever they believe, no one is stopping him or her.

April 27, 2010 1 comment general

What Will A Republican Governor Do For Pennsylvania

First, we have to come to terms with what we really want as progressives? If the answer is to vote for the most progressive candidates we can find in the Primary, we may vote one way. But I believe that if what we want is to create an environment where we can continue to move progressive issues forward for the next 8 years, then we may act differently in the primary,

April 27, 2010 3 comments Activism, general

Dauphin County Commissioner Endorses Onorato

Dauphin County Commissioner George Hartwick (D) endorsed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato on Monday, saying the Allegheny County executive has the experience necessary to guide the state through impending fiscal crises. Hartwick touted the candidate’s history as a certified public accountant, attorney and public official in Allegheny County. That experience, he said, is necessary to deal with the bevy of problems facing the next governor. Read the ful story here: PLS News & Views.

April 27, 2010 1 comment general

L+G+B+T: Does it Matter?

The method for dealing with lies and misinformation has to be to counter them by calling out the lies and offering real information instead. L+G+B+T matters when we all raise our voices together against any of the weapons of lies and misinformation directed at any of us individually.

April 27, 2010 3 comments Activism, general

NYC LGBT Center to Defy Hate Vandals

There may be a hundred different things that can be added to this list, but the important point is- do it. Don’t sit back waiting for someone else to do it.

April 25, 2010 1 comment Activism, Gay Pride, general