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Marines Demonstrate Leadership Moving Foward with DADT Repeal

Marines Demonstrate Leadership Moving Foward with DADT Repeal

It wouldn’t be too off the mark to say that Marine Commander Amos, didn’t have many friends within the LGBT movements during the month of December. He was seen as an outspoken opponent to the repeal of DADT. Even I wanted to see Obama fire his ass- throw him out of there fast! But, his public opinions made clear that Free speech is welcome, and dissenting views belong at the table too. The real issue[Read More…]

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Second-Class Marriage Is Never Enough But Still Reason For Celebration

On the one hand, we want to celebrate that our relationships and our families are recognized, and on the other hand, there is no denying that second class citizenship is never enough. Separate is never equal, and we must keep working until there is Equality for all.

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Will the LGBT Activist Community Stop Fighting Long Enough to Have Some Success?

Real equality is for all people, and that will include those who seek to be married as well as those who do not. Focusing only on the right to marry misses the real issue, which is creating an environment where all persons are treated fairly, with dignity, and have the same rights and freedoms.

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Do Conservatives Care About Our Democracy?

#1: When listening to #SOTU, remember: When a politician says “invest” he means “I want to spend your money on this”. #sotu Me: better than giving it to the rich oil companies. Spending is better that being robbed. #1: How is spending against your will not robbery?RT @tcwaters: Spending is better that being robbed. The night of the State of the Union (SOTU), I had this exchange with a follower on Twitter. and I think[Read More…]

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Pennsylvania Progressive Summit 2011: Rebuilding Alliances, Shaping New Messages

I received this blog post from Carl Davidson, reposted here with permission By Carl Davidson Beaver County Blue Nearly 500 progressive and liberal organizers gathered at Pittsburgh’s Sheraton Station Square over the sunny but bitterly cold weekend of Jan. 22-23 to drawn out the lessons of their setbacks in the 2010 elections and shape a new course for the future. Under the theme of ‘Taking Pennsylvania Forward,’ the two-day meeting was mainly pulled together by[Read More…]

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Take Home Messages from the Town Hall Meeting

Equality PA, the ACLU, and HRC has been sponsoring a series of town hall sessions across the state to talk about the recent shifts in the PA legislature and what to expect in terms of LGBT Rights legislation. I attended two of these- the meeting in Erie on Wednesday Jan 27th, and the Pittsburgh meeting on Jan 28th, and I have a slew of thoughts racing around my head from these experiences. The ACLU of[Read More…]

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Bruce Kraus, Our Gay Champion?

However, from my perspective, just because he is an openly gay man, who works hard for his district, doesn’t make him “our champion.” I believe we can name a number of city council members who Kerr and others would name as friends and supporters for the LGBT community. One example: my own councilmember, Patrick Dowd who has been working with me, community members, and the Zone 5 police following last year’s gay bashings. Truly Bill Peduto is our champion. Natalia Rudiak is our champiuon, and so is Patrick Dowd.

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Allentown LGBT Community Applauds Signing of Domestic Partner Legislation by Mayor Ed Pawlowski

January 26, 2011 – Allentown, PA – Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski today signed legislation to provide equal benefits to Same-Sex partners of City employees as they provide to married heterosexuals. The legislation, introduced by Council President Dr. Michael D’Amore, passed unanimously through City Council on January 19th. “Allentown must be a city of inclusion, a city where every person counts.” Stated Pawlowski, “I am pleased and proud to sign this legislation into law in the[Read More…]

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Watch the SOTU Address with fellow progressives!

Watch the SOTU Address with fellow progressives!

I took this right off of the 2 Political Junkies blog– an excellent blog- check it out! And how about join some progressives to watch the State of the Union tonight. PA State Senator Jim Ferlo (D-Highland Park) is teaming up with the Pittsburgh Chapters of Veterans for Peace and Code Pink and the Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Single-Payer Healthcare- H.R. 676, to host “Conversation Cafés” during the 2011 State of the Union Address. Date[Read More…]

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Bathrooms and Bullets, the Conservative’s Confusion

In the wake of the horrific Tucson massacre, a few themes have emerged in the public discourse. Some of these seem interesting, most all predictable, but at the same time, a number of themes don’t really make sense, and point out how the conservative movement, wants to have it both ways. This isn’t unusual. One of the things that often drives progressives crazy, is the incongruity and dissonance of various conservative positions and talking points.[Read More…]

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