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Hero Zach Wahl is Coming to Pittsburgh

Zach will be here in Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Pride Advocacy Rally on June 3rd, on the steps to the City County Building.

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Easton City Council Unanimously Passes Same Sex Partner Benefits; Had Bipartisan Support

I received this press release and am publishing it here. But also wanted to add a note. Cities, Counties and other municipalities across Pennsylvania are doing what the State should be doing: creating an environment where everyone feels safe at work, in regards to public accommodations, and housing. For almost 85% of Pennsylvanians, they can still be fired, denied housing, or public accommodations, simply because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. This is unacceptable.[Read More…]

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Redefining Homophobe

OK, I haven’t watched this new show, The Voice, although I have an idea what it is about- a bunch of singers hoping for a big break. So, I passed and didn’t comment when one of the judges made a homophobic tweet last week. But this- I can’t pass up. So this contestant, Nakia, is gay, and now he is offering up his definition of a homophobe as he talks about the judge who made[Read More…]

May 25, 2011 2 comments general

More Conservatism and Anti-Gay Rights

I’d like to be organized enough today to write a single, thought out post about gays and the conservative movement. There are posts about the Log Cabin Republicans, GoProud, and this crazy stuff going on in Tennessee, that separately are interesting stories, but combined, speak to a central point. but I’m doubting I’ll find the time for that, so here is a post about the anti-gay efforts in Tennessee to get the ball rolling. The[Read More…]

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Equality Through Changing Policies

Earlier this year, the single most important change came out of the Obama White House that impacts the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, and it wasn’t the repeal of DADT. It was a policy change to allow individuals in the hospital to declare who may visit as their immediate family. This policy change recognizes LGBT spouses and partners as legitimate family. No more can a partner be refused access to their loved one’s hospital[Read More…]

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Pennsylvania GOP Attacks Wonen’s Health

Urgent Action Needed! Some of our legislators in the Pennsylvania Senate have decided that they, too, would like to score political points at the expense of Pennsylvania women, and they are moving fast to impose even greater restrictions on access to abortion. There are two crucial votes on women’s health TODAY, MONDAY MAY 23RD and it is CRITICAL that we make our voices heard immediately! We need you to WRITE TO STATE SENATORS and tell[Read More…]

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Stop Protesting and Start Educating!

Are they too busy posting to Facebook to actually be doing much real work to change the status quo? Or is all their effort focused towards demands and protests? The real work of creating equality won’t come because of those efforts alone. We need many active allies and supporters working with us, and we gather them, through education, not by protesting. So, stop protesting and start educating folks who could be and should be our supporters.

May 20, 2011 2 comments general

Thoughts on the Rapture

Seems everyone is cracking jokes about the world ending tomorrow. I’d love to join in, believe it or not. I know, I never seem to joke about anything. Here’s the issue. I’m afraid this us just one more time that the super crazy are getting some brief attention, and when no one rises up into the sky tomorrow, they’ll have some new excuse.

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The B of LGBT

The link below is to the Bilerico Project, and the post was entitled, “Lady Gaga is not an ally to our community.” As I first read it, I thought, OK, what did she do now- like remember the flack when she announced partnering with Target? I thought, how in the world could anyone see her as anything other than an ally? But a smile crossed my face, as I read the post, for the writer[Read More…]

May 15, 2011 1 comment general

Is Allegheny County Controller Mark Patrick Flaherty A Law Breaker?

For all Flaherty’s attempts to paint himself as a good guy, the reality is he is just a calculating and scheming politician whose only real motivation is to get ahead. Is it possible that he has broken the law toward that end?

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