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Next LGBTQ/QUILTBAG meeting is this Saturday!

Rayden Sorock, with the help of others organized a highly successful community meeting that he nicknamed “QUILTBAG.” The meeting gathered a diverse mix of individuals and representatives from local LTBTQ organizations for a thought provoking, and energized session discussing a five year plan for Queer Pittsburgh. My posts about the first meeting are here, and here. And here are the notes captured at the first meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, 2-4PM[Read More…]

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Where are the bisexuals?

Where are the bisexuals?

To many gays, he might be seen as a closeted gay living a double life, but as I have begun to get to know him, I don’t think that is a fair assessment at all. If he identifies as Bi, why not accept that, rather than make value judgements? Self identification, is just that, self identification. It may be true that some people label themselves as Bi during a part of their journey towards self acceptance as gay or lesbian, and it is also true that there are others who simply understand their orientation as bi.

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Homophobia or equal treatment: what is “comfort of all passengers” really mean?

On the other hand, if, what we really want is fair and equal treatment, we are going to have to be held to the same standards as everyone else. If something happens that we don’t like, we can not start shouting “homophobia and discrimination” simply because we are LGBT. And here is where the friction comes. Lesbians. gays, bisexuals, and trans persons are rarely held to equal standards.

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The opposition to equality is waning… quickly

The link is to the Prop 8 Trial Tracker site, and content from the Courage Campaign, of a press conference called by Lou Sheldon. Lou is an old-time antyi-gay crazy, listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Watch the video and check out the entire post: [youtube][/youtube]

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Religion Poll On Marriage Support

Religion Poll On Marriage Suppo= rt Baylor University’s annual survey on religion reports the above levels of support for marriage equality. Unsurprisi= ngly, the “unchurched” are far and away our best allies. Subscribe to Jo= e.My.God. Original Page: http://joemygod= S= ent from Feeddler RSS Reader Sent from my i= Phone =

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Modern Family isn’t gay.

Modern Family cleaned up at the Emmy’s the other night, but too often, it is talked about as if it were a gay show, and it isn’t as evidenced by the link below. It is about a modern family, where a part of that family- an equally loved, accepted and appreciated part of the family is a gay couple with a child. That is what scares the anti-gay haters so. It isn’t the gay part[Read More…]

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Test message

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Santorum’s DADT Answer

Good article which highlights the Santorum bigotry.  

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Equality PA and Candidate Endoresements

Ted Martin, Executive Director of Equality PA emailed me about my post the other day concerning the endorsement of candidates.  Originally, I was going to add this as a comment to the blog post, but then decided to post it directly to assure more folks saw it. If you know anyone who runs for office, encourage them to contact Equality PA so that they are sent a questionaire. From Ted Martin: Like you, I was[Read More…]

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Few Pittsburgh candidates endorsed by Equality PA

Much like in the Spring, Equality Pa’s slate of endorsed candidates is pretty lean when it comes to Western PA: Harrisburg: Equality Pennsylvania is pleased to announce its statewide candidate endorsements for the 2011 general election. “More and more candidates for public office understand that they need the LGBT community to win. I am confident that these endorsed candidates will support our rights once they win,” commented Board President, Adrian Shanker. “I urge all LGBT[Read More…]

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