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Trans discrimination: Baltimore County Council to continue discrimination

So if Baltimore County does strip public restrooms and locker rooms as they are considering, they are essentially saying that discrimination is acceptable because Fear trumps facts. They may do this to try and compromise, but this is no compromise. It is a loss for equality; a loss for LGBTQ rights; and a win, only for the antigay haters.

Sinning for marriage!

The truth of the matter, is that the judges did nothing to the vote of seven million voters. The judges looked at the case to determine if the actions were aligned with the constitution or unconstitutional, and they found it to be unconstitutional. It would not have mattered how Prop 8 came into being. If it had been an act of legislation or a referendum vote, it still has to be constitutional. Every law must be constitutional.

Social Service and Social Change

Do you seek to provide services or are you a force of social change? Both are needed,and yet if we do not accept and commit to the social change we will be forever simply trying to keep up with the need.

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The Best Fortune Cookie Advice Ever!

The Best Fortune Cookie Advice Ever!

The situation is changeable, yet you can not push the river.   Photo: Some rights reserved by neonarcade

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Four Tips for Male Journalists Who Want to Discuss Women’s Health | ThinkProgress

This is a really great post by Alyssa Rosenberg, worth reading by anyone interested in issues surrounding gender, sex, sexual orientation race- just about any way that divides people into groups. I haven’t written much concerning this topic, except to say repeatedly, that the folks pushing for these types of controls on women are the same folks who push an anti-gay agenda. Of the 146 guests who have come on cable news shows to discuss[Read More…]

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Who will same-sex marriage help?

Who will same-sex marriage help?

Personally, I think this says less about “gay headline policy priorities” and more about the fact that black LGBTQ’s have not been a visible part of the LGBTQ movement all along, from a political perspective.Therefore, what is seen as “major progress” by some is still seen as very little progress by others. I also disagree with the sentence:

Want to run for office?

Why not instead, look at getting out Lesbian, Gay, Bi or Trans persons elected all across the state and start by looking for those districts where a candidate is unopposed? and today I have two of those types of districts to discuss:

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Occupy Everywhere

I remain convinced that the Occupy Movement is the single most important social justice efforts to be seen in the United States in since the 1960’s. It is a beginning, and the status quo, which the movement battles against is a formidible foe. If there is to be a long term victory, the movement must continue every day in every way.

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Battle Against Theocracy

Battle Against Theocracy

Alabama State Sen. McGill does not shy away from referencing his personal religion in public statements regarding political decisions, which would normally be problematic, but is especially so when these statements turn out to be extremely hypocritical. Most recently, he publicly stated that keeping teachers’ pay low is “a Biblical principle.” “If you double a teacher’s pay scale, you’ll attract people who aren’t called to teach,” he said. Alabama’s teachers are among the least paid[Read More…]

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Black and Gay: Black History Month

Found this clip on Youtube, plastid last February: [youtube][/youtube]   The photo collection discussed is here:

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