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Chris Christie: This Is The Bargain Of Your Life! Really?

On one level, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s position on Marriage Equality is not surprising given the general position on the issue held by most GOP politicians. What is however, quite striking is the blatant snake-oil salesman-like  approach he is taking. I can accept that he is vowing to veto the measure if it makes it to his desk. I don’t like that, but it is him standing up for the position he has said[Read More…]

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Ninth Circuit Rules on Prop. 8 Trial Tapes Tries to Keep the Truth Hidden

Regrettably, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided not to unseal the video record of the historic twelve-day public trial of Prop. 8. Ninth Circuit Rules on Prop. 8 Trial Tapes | American Foundation for Equal Rights.

Black History Month: Highlighting Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender People

As a whole culture we don’t talk nearly enough about the influences of black leaders on us, and within the LGBTQ community, we fail even more to reach out and learn about our own history and the impact these important people have made. So please, take some time and become familiar with the individuals highlighted there.

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Sign this petition to the Susan G Komen Foundation

The health of women should never be used as a political pawn, played by ideological actors who have their own agenda. Sign the petition today!

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Who did you come out to today?

This is the type of situation where it would be easy to just keep sexual orientation out of it. Why take the risk at offending readers to the site, right? But what happened is the opposite, and Brad’s item has had a very large number of views and received great comments. He comes across as authentic, real, proud of himself, and unashamed about his life- all of his life.

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