The Advocate’s top 10 news stories for 2012 has been published, and I thought it would be interesting to see which if any, I have written about and, and in hindsight, would I have written anything differently.

1. The Clucking Mess of Chick-fil-A

This is a story I wrote about several times, and went so far as to claim that the LGBTQ side lost the chicken war. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing of what I’ve said here. Consider however, this story, and #8 on the list (The Ellen boycott). Two sides of the same coin. Interesting? We laugh at the far right crazies when they try and use economic power against equality and LGBT visibility and call it unfair. Yet, in the Chicken War, we tried to do the same thing. Really stupid move.

Birthin’ Babies and Chick-fil-A: Gender on the brain.

Why we lost the chicken war.

Will the real issues surrounding Chick-fil-A get lost in the controversy?

The Christian Chicken

2. Obama Finally Evolves

More than just politics: Obama and gay marriage.More than just politics: Obama and gay marriage.

Race, Marriage Equality, and Obama

Obama evolved! Now what?

3. Frank Ocean Makes History

This is a story I never wrote about. In 2012, there were a variety of stories of well known individuals in many fields, all coming out. All of them important stories. This one especially since hip hop is a part of the culture where homophobia is rampant. Looking back, this and stories of sports figures supporting LGBT Rights are stories I wish I had written more about.

4. Kansas Lawmakers Try To Legalize Discrimination

This is a story I never wrote about.


5. A Dad Teaches World About Parenting Gender-Variant Kids

Sadly, this is a story, I wasn’t even aware of really. Although there have been a number of stories over the past year about amazing parents and accepting/supporting their transgender kids.  I can see where I have started several posts, but I’m always at a loss for things to say that others aren’t already saying.

6. North Carolina Pastors in a Panic

White House responds to N.C. marriage amendment

7. The GOP’s Presidential Homophobes

Santorum explains why anti-gay fight is a do-or-die thing for social conservatives.

In my opinion, this is one of the single most important posts I wrote last year. While I believe Marriage Equality is inevitable if we continue to push for it, I believe we must also realize that the opposition to it is a bedrock issue for Christian Conservatives, and they won’t give up easily.

Santorum to end separation of church and state

Santorum and Theology

Rick Santorum hasn’t been talking about gay marriage. Really?


8. Ellen Beats Out One Million Moms to Keep Her Job at JCP

This is a story I never wrote about. See my note about at #1. However, in general, we have seen that the far right has tried a number of boycotts this year with no success at all. The take away message for me, is that this is really a very loud, but very small group of folks who want us to go away, or at least back into the closet. We need to keep fighting for full equality, but also recognize how small the enemy really is. We can achieve full equality, Really!

9. Kirk Cameron’s “Unnatural” Bigotry

This is a story I never wrote about.

10. Prop. 8 and DOMA Await Supreme Hearing

Now that marriage is the ONLY gay issue…

I have not written as many specific posts this year about DOMA or Prop 8 as I thought I had, however, a search of the blog for either, shows that I mention one or the other or both quite often. I think this has been fine, although I expect with SCOTUS taking up both and a decision to be announced this year, it is a subject I will be writing far more about 2013.

I did come across this post which I think is a great read. The effort towards marriage equality is in full force, and will move closer to success. But is it the only issue we ought to be working on?

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