A recent post on Matt Barber’s site attempts to suggest that Jesus actually talked about homosexuals, which is utterly outrageous to anyone who takes scripture at face value. For many years, those who advocate for accepting gay and lesbian people have used the fact that while Jesus talked of many issues, he never made any commentary on gays and lesbians. This they say, shows that one can be gay and a Christian at the same time.

Indeed, most all religious arguments against the acceptance of gays and lesbians has been grounded in passages in the Hebrew Scriptures which deal only with male same-sex behavior or passages misinterpreted in ways that glaringly illustrate their anti-gay animus. Conservative Christians are realizing that if they have any hope, it has to be found in a New Testament admonition of same-sex love and commitment, and thus the attempt to find such in Jesus’s own words.

For some time, the relevancy of Scripture has been open to question. As our knowledge of Science grows and we use reason and logic to explore morality, thinking humans arrive at the same conclusion: we can not accept these two assembled volumes of text as “the Word of God.” If God is as big and power as God is supposed to be, then this notion of the value of Scripture is inconsistent, incomplete and destructive.

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