I’ve been online for the past 40 minutes awaiting the ruling regarding same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania and a little over six minutes ago, Twitter lit up with announcements that the judge had ruled Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. AS of this moment, there has been no stay requested or granted, suggesting that marriage licenses may be available very soon. Several Pennsylvania counties were making arrangements to be ready earlier today.

The ACLU has announced a series of rallies across the state for this evening. Here is a link for more information. http://www.aclupa.org/takeaction/events/statewide-decision-day-rallies/

I wrote about this case a month ago, when it was announced that both the Commonwealth as well as the ACLU had agreed there would be no trial, and the facts of the case were not in question. Here is a post that discusses the basics if the case as well, and here is the actual decision.

I’ve love to write the most amazing thing about the decision right now, but in all reality, I’m reduced to sobbing with joy. I don’t have words to describe why this is so emotional, but it is. My commitment to my partner is not determined by the State’s consideration of our union. We are legally married and have a New Jersey license to prove it. But I’m sobbing none the less.

I am not sure if we can expect Governor Corbett to seek an appeal or not. On the one hand, he has already admitted that the facts in the case are not up for dispute. On the other hand, he is really hurting politically, and needs every possible vote he can muster this Fall. He certainly can’t afford to lose the radical religious votes! An appeal may make him appear to be tough and anti-gay. A petition drive has been launched to urge him not to appeal.


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