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Insight from Meditation

So, I sit semi-regularly, with a small group of folks at work for a noon-time meditation.  Most of the folks involved are buddhist, but not all.  The meditation is simple and comfortable for anyone.  No matter what your belief system (or lack there of) this can be a welcome place.  Call it silent prayer, call it what you will, just come and spend about 30 minutes in silence. I say I attend semi-regularly- partly because[Read More…]

November 25, 2008 1 comment general

Why I follow people on Twitter

So, I’ve been twittering for a while, not sure exactly how long, but about 9 months to a year I guess.  Over that time, I have spent a lot of time on twitter for periods and spent almost no time there during others. And finally, I am starting to feel like I am more connected to some folks on there.  Recently I started using twollow to auto follow people.  And I have begun to think[Read More…]

November 24, 2008 6 comments general

Is hatred inherent in Religion? In Culture overall?

Will write more about this later. Giant baby Donald Trump can’t land a helicopter on Masada so he’s not gonna go at all

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Say No to Hate Speech

I’m possibly an odd one.  While I am opposed to hate speech, I don’t believe the solution is to stop someone from speaking hateful things.  Free Speech is just that Free Speech, and one of the prices we pay for it, is that everyone has a right to do it. I think that the solution to hate speech is two-fold.  First to bear witness to it, and name it as hurtful to a meaningful society,[Read More…]

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Picture from the Impact Rally

Picture from the Impact Rally

I haven’t posted any pictures from the Impact/ Antiprop 8 rally.  Mostly because I haven’t many good ones.  Here is one that I love the banner.  It reminds me of the Fred Phelp’s banners.

November 18, 2008 2 comments Activism

This is a wonderful site!

I found this awesome blog/site yesterday, called Pam’s House Blend, awesome site, full of great stuff.  Check it out.

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Day Without a Gay

My friend send me this link for a Day without a Gay. It is sort of a work stoppage, but instead of doing nothing, the time is devoted to volunteer efforts.  Sounds like an interesting project capable of doing much good.  Not only by the volunteer work, bt also by the level of visibility it can generate.  We know that people are often more likely to be supportive of GLBT people when they[Read More…]

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Return of the QueerLook Podcast coming soon!

So, well before there was the QLATB blog, there was a podcast called Queer Look at the Bible (QueerLook for short), and it is time to begin producing the podcast! So within the next few weeks, I’m going to get back to a weekly podcast. If you want to check out the older podcasts:

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The Bible and Religion

…forget rocks and dogs for a bit… I mean, what is it that we expect to find in scripture? What do we expect it to tell us? What are we missing without it?

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A Question of Love

Not a long post today, although I owe you one.  Found this video clip of Keith Olberman’s commentary about the election and Prop 8 in California.  He expresses some of the ideas I have so eloquently.  Namely, that as recently as 1967, our next president’s parents would not have been allowed to marry in 1/3 of the states in our country because it was illegal for a black and a white to marry.  As recent as[Read More…]

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