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On this Friday (the 12th of December), you’ll see the biggest, brightest full moon of 2008.

Seems to me Religion serves many purposes, but one of them, and maybe the most important, although often first forgotten, is to remind us of our place in the whole of existance.  Help us orient ourselves within the cosmos.  We are amazing complex creatures but within the biggest picture extremely tiny specks…

I think that is one reason why God is so often understood or imaged as human-like with super powers. We make god in our image instead of the other way around.  But if we stop and allow ourselves to be amazed at the whole of it all, and in the same total complexcity of it all.. and then set a path of exploration to see and explore and recognize how much we don’t know.

To pit Science as against Religion is an attempt to circumvent this recognition of how much we don’t know.  To name all of it as a part of God’s plan, or intellegent design is a way to shut down the exploration, and label ourselves as in control.

Wow.  Not sure this post will make a ton of sense.  Just a few quick thoughts before heading off to work.  Leave me your comments. Okay?

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