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Outing, 12 Steps, and the Fight for Equality

I tend to think the approach of confronting the “change argument” is also the wrong way to go. With no real way to prove either way that it is or isn’t a choice (to be gay), the real problem is overlooked entirely.

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Post Scarcity

Post Scarcity My posting has dropped off over the past week, as my partner sand I got busy moving into our new home. Thanks to everyone who has already been aware of this and sent us congrats and good wishes. Posting regularity to begin again this week.

June 29, 2010 2 comments general

PA Governor’s Choice: Clear When it Comes to Women’s Right to Choose

If any progressive issue is important to you, stop and consider what eight years of a government where the House Senate and Governor’s seat are all Republican controlled will do for the issues that matter to you.

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Remembering Leonard Matlovich

When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.

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Who Wants to Elect Tom Corbett?

We won’t get the opportunity to hold Dan Onorato accountable for moving LGBT rights forward in the state, if we just keep painting him as the problem. It isn’t a matter of “who is a stalwart for LGBT rights,” but rather, who is not, and the not is Tom Corbett.

June 22, 2010 3 comments general

Can You Change Everything for the LGBT Community?

Charelene can take her story to the President, what is stopping you (or anyone??) from telling your own story? If we all follow that example, it certainly will change everything for the LGBT community.

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The Bob Etheridge Moment

More than the specifics here- what Pam called “clear-cut,” what does this say about politics and the changing role of politician? What does it mean when a public officials has to be, at all times, on guard against attack (even of a digital nature.)

June 17, 2010 1 comment general

Update: Cumberland Valley GSA

Last week, I posted about how a school district was slow acting at reinstating a GSA, and what looked like a conservative board member’s attempts to keep the group from being formed. Today, I saw this update. The GSA was reinstated without any issue, however: Although there was no discussion from the board, the issue did get some attention during the invitational public comment before the meeting. The father of one of the students organizing[Read More…]

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McDonald’s Is A Christian Kinda Place!

This US stance isn’t overtly anti-gay. They aren’t saying, “Gays- we don’t want you.” but they are saying that the only “good gay” from a marketing perspective, is an invisible one. We are happy to take your money and use you to promote our image across the globe, but we are going to claim that Christian values are more important than you.

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The Prop 8 Trial: What’s Next

The right to fully recognized civil marriage stands as the single most significant symbol of the way gays and lesbians are treated as second class citizens. Every way that this is articulated helps move all LGBT issues forward by focusing the attention on that central question: does the majority of voters have a right to restrict any other group of people to second class and unequal status?

June 16, 2010 1 comment general, Same-Sex Marriage