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This Is Why Political Engagement Is Critical Now More Than Ever.

The linked story is really about the GOP, Sarah Palin and her pro-obesity campaign, but it was the reference to former Senator, Rick “Man on Dog sex” Santorum that prompted me to post this. Sarah Palin has taken to assailing Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative on her reality show and elsewhere, while former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, the Republican Party’s resident authority on obesity and a potential Palin rival, has been defending it from Palin’s salvos.[Read More…]

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2010 In Review: Trends and Stories

Yesterday, I posted the first in a series of Year in review posts, listing the top 10 posts based on page views. Today, I want to list the top stories or topics more generally, and say something about what I think is coming in the new year. The Election The midterm election was a huge topic occupying 5 of the top 10 spots for my blog, and many of the top 50 posts as well.[Read More…]

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I feel old when…

Man hits teen over phone dispute on plane. I feel old when I read stories like this. I have to accept that I have turned into a grown up, and even though I’m in my 50’s, I’d like to believe I’m a rebellious youth. But I’m not. I’m like my parent- telling the kids they better follow the rules! The other way to think about this, is to recognize just how utterly discourteous and abrasive[Read More…]

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The Twitterization of Facebook

I believe we are seeing a change to Facebook that I am going to call, Twitterization. The purpose of this note is to describe it, and what I’m doing personally about this Twitterization.

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2010 in Review: Top 10 Blog Posts

Five of the top 10 dealt with the election (primary and general), and the race for PA Governor. Two dealt with the issue of a constitutional ban on Same-sex marriage in PA, and the other were three individual posts.

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If you see straight people who are so busy talking disdainfully about gay people and gay sex, then there is a pretty good chance they are gay and trying to hide in their closets. Most straights who are actually straight, are too busy being straight to spend any time worrying about what gay people are doing.

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The Chrismas Story and Gay Marriage: What Do They Have in Common?

This week, Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) sent out an email Christmas greeting that talked about the birth of Christ, and support for the traditional view of Marriage, as if this episode of religious significance supported the other. But in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth, and the Christmas Story, the birth of the baby Jesus, is probably the single most important Bible story for supporting alternative family units[Read More…]

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Miracle on 22nd Street

I’m not ashamed to say the video made me cry, and re-affirmed my belief in Hope, Christmas, and the goodness of people. There aren’t many holiday gifts better than that!

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Is it just religion: A Christmas Message.

Is it just religion: A Christmas Message.

for him, and those who are with him, the battle to stop civil marriage is all about the plumbing, and some ideal myth of boy marries girl, marries and makes babies. Let me repeat that: The battle against Civil Marriage by Same-Sex partners is all about protecting a myth that doesn’t match the reality of the world in which we live.

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Is Lindsey Graham Gay?

Is Lindsey Graham Gay?

One of the most important points made to justify the repeal of DADT was that it conflicted with the Armed Force’s emphasis on integrity and honesty. We need to demadn that same level of honesty and integrity out of all of our elected officials too.

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