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Evan Wolfson and Freedom to Marry

Marriage is above all, a legal issue, and has been for a very long time. The State issues a marriage license, not a church. Under the law all citizens deserve to be treated fairly and equally unless good reason can be shown otherwise. Despite the way that the anti-gay groups complain, no cogent, realistic, meaningful, or rational case can be made for stopping loving committed same-sex couples from marrying.

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Elizabeth Taylor: An appreciation by Kenneth Turan

Some suggest that Lady Gaga was the first major performer to be so vocal and outspoken for the LGBT community, however, I believe Elizabeth Taylor really deserves that title.

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NOM’s Numbers Problem

David Badash, who always writes an excellent post takes a look at NOM’s language and handling of recent polls which show a majority of Americans support Same-sex Marriage. It is a good read for a few reasons, so follow the link at the bottom for it. But Gallagher has revealed her hand, and turned the case of whether or not a majority of Americans support same-sex marriage into one of “my poll is better than[Read More…]

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Allegheny College students march in response to gay slur

MEADVILLE, Pa. — Hundreds of students and faculty marched across the Allegheny College campus last night to call attention to an anti-homosexual slur written on dormitory doors twice in recent weeks. Officials at the college in Meadville say they’re still investigating the incidents that occurred in mid-February and again this month. Wednesday night’s march was organized by a campus group called Queers ‘n Allies in cooperation with several other campus groups. College president James Mullen[Read More…]

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Apple’s Role in Japan during the Tohoku Earthquake

No way to spin this story to be about LGBT or whatever else I write about, but I found it a moving story, and wanted to spread it. If anything, it demonstrates that as long as the internet remains available to people, people can never again be isolated from one another. In this case it was a natural disaster, but in other cases we have seen Social Media and the “Cloud” as essential parts of[Read More…]

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Added to the Blog Roll: That’s So Gay (News)

I’ve added a link under the blog roll to a news site by Hugh Yeman. That’s So Gay, is a very well done and useful site for LGBT news. Hugh is as well, a great guy who has helped us in PA before- a real advocate and tech smart activist. Keep up the great work Hugh!

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No evidence gay marriage affects any religious rights | The Des Moines Register |

This is an interesting response to the story in the Des Moines Register about Rick Santorum.  I wrote about it last week as well. The reality is that without any real evidence or logic to show how same-sex marriage actually hurts anyone or anything, the anti-gay bigots, including Santorum, use fear mongering and the suggestion 0f an attack on Freedom of Religion. I disagree with the premise that legal gay marriages present a threat to[Read More…]

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Protests Against Westboro Baptist Church Are Misdirected Anger and Energy

On Facebook today, I saw a posting for a group called “Revolt Against Westboro Baptist Church.” It isn’t a group I have joined and have no intentions to do so, because I’m of the belief that it is wrongly directed anger and energy, and harms work towards full equality for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans persons more than it helps. In fact, it doesn’t help at all. It merely allows  the group’s members to feel[Read More…]

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Kansas Gay Sex Ban to Stay on the Books

The women and men I worry most about however, are not these types of politicians, but those who live in the big cities in progressive areas, who fail to remember that losing our rights is just as close as full equality. We can not let up or fail to fight on all fronts, lest we lose any rights anywhere.

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Living Our Legacy 7th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser

Living Our Legacy 7th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser

Two wonderful events are happening on Saturday, each benefitting an essential organization. Here is a link for New Voices Pittsburgh’s Fundraiser. Celebrate New Voices Pittsburgh and 7 years of fearless activism, courageous leadership and innovations for social change. We will showcase phenomenal performance artists, celebrate our achievement and graciously thank our supporters with a wonderful night of music, art and dance! via Living Our Legacy 7th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser.

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